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Hej och välkomna till vår renoveringsblogg! Vi heter Ida och Jerker och här kan ni ta del av vårt renoveringsprojekt. Det sägs att hus kommer till en och vi kan bara hålla med. Trots att huset är lite stort och det finns oerhört mycket att göra så föll vi för det första gången vi såg det. Läs mer...
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Planlösning övervåningen

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Welcome to our blog! We're Ida and Jerker, and here you can take part in our renovation project.
They say that houses come to you, and we can only agree. Despite the fact that some, or most, think the house is too big, plus the vast amount of work that needs to be done, we fell in love with the house the first time we saw it and just had to buy it.

The house in june, 2007

Asarp 1985 1
The house in 1986

We haven't got that much information about the house as of yet, but what we know has been told to us by the former owners. The oldest parts of the house are from 1630, although much has happened to the house since then. Around 1910, there was a fire on the first floor which actually has left this part of the house in an ok condition, probably because it hasn't been renovated that much since then. The rest of the house has on the other hand been rather roughly treated, with some parts being in a really bad condition. Joinery work from the 17th and 18th century are mixed with kitchen cabinets from the 80's, and for example, when the former owners decided that they needed a laundry room, they built one in the middle of the kitchen (!?) thus having to move the kitchen to the former maid's chamber. To see the house planning, click here.

As you may have noticed, most of this blog is in Swedish. Some blog entries will be translated into English, and taged "English". In order to view only the translated posts, click on the "English" tag which you will find on the bottom right hand corner, among the other tags. Of course, you can browse the blog, if not only to have a look at the photos. So, enjoy, and once again, welcome!